Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New look, new recipes...I am ready.... lets meet again:)

Oh god....its been already six months since I blogged. It really was a busy time. My parents visited me here. I was all excited in seeing them after three years. Then we went to India for our vacation. After we came back I was all jet lagged and home sick.

It was my husband and my friend Meena who were constantly reminding me-definitely not those gentle reminders:) So here again sitting in front of the system and meddling with the blog.
I received lots of good feedbacks from my friends and relatives for this blog. Many of my friends had requested for more vegetarian dishes. So I am planning to blog lots of vegetarian dishes also.

Kindly visit the blog for more updates. Lets start our culinary tour again....gear up...get ready for action

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